The Sailor 300px Basic Information Type: Support
Health: 175
Speed: 85%

35% (while firing The Bilge Pump),

You sure as hell ain't got your sea legs yet, little boy!
The Sailor dominating a Scout


The Sailor is a large man, coming in a little shorter than the Heavy, but still imposing in both height and girth. He wears a white U.S. Navy Captain's Dress Uniform, and by default carries The Bilge Pump, the standard Pistol used by the Scout and Engineer, and The Boarding Pass. Jolly and cheerful in most scenarios, he can become enraged if someone touched his precious, bushy black beard. The only way to mollify him is to give him several bottles of Scotch and sing sea shanties with him. As a result, he gets along well with his fellow drunk, the Demoman. He has a passive ability that affects him and all teammates within a ten-foot radius, known as Sea Legs, which provides immunity to knockback and slowdown but causes those affected to take mini-crits from explosions. This does not apply to disguised enemy Spies.


Icon: a battleship's silhouette

Default loadout: The Bilge Pump, the Pistol, the Boarding Pass

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 226 lbs

Hair color: black

Eye color: Sea green

Appearance: tall, slightly fat, a bit smaller than the Heavy, wears a white U.S. Navy Captain's Dress Uniform.

Likes: Scotch, Demomen, sea shanties, bacon, spinnach, the ocean, Spies, Medics.

Dislikes: Soldiers, the Army, the Air Force, Scouts, submarines.


  • You move at 85% speed normally, and 35% when using the Bilge Pump, so be wary of Snipers, Spies, and faster classes.
  • Sea Legs doesn't affect disguised enemy Spies, so you can work with a Natascha Heavy or Force-a-Nature Scout to find them in a flash.
  • Don't forget that your Bilge Pump's salt water causes mini-crits, just like Jarate! Team up with friendly Heavies, Soldiers, and other hard-hitters for a quick one-two combo.
  • Since Sea Legs causes mini-crits from explosions, Soldiers and Demomen will be very dangerous to both you and your team. If the enemy is using lots of explosives, consider working alone or changing classes.
  • Your Bilge Pump has a short period where it goes to full range and power. Pre-firing before you move around corners will help you deal maximum damage.