The Bilge Pump resembles a Vaccinator with a large hose connected to a slightly team-colored wooden barrel, which is worn on the user's back. In addition, it has a number of gauges and valves all across its length, and the muzzle is reminiscent of a fireman's hose. It is white, with team-colored rings along the tube.


Base damage: 50 DPS - falls off to 20 at maximum range

Range: 5/6 that of the Flamethrower

Ammo: 200 - uses 10 per second for a maximum of 5 damage per ammo

Clip: N/A

Classes: The Sailor. The Soldier may be able to use the Bilge Pump in a future update, although this is unconfirmed.

Status effects: causes the Wet status, which lasts for 5 seconds. Also causes mini-crits for 2 seconds. Puts out teammates and causes Wet to enemy disguised Spies.

Other effects: user moves at 35% speed when firing. The Bilge Pump takes 1 second to get to full power, in which the range increases from 0 to 100% and the damage similarly increases. The weapon cannot pick up ammo from dropped weapons or Dispensers. No random crits. No airblast.


  • Remember that you move slower (35%) when you fire the Bilge Pump. Pre-fire before going around corners for maximum effect.
  • This weapon is good for Spy-checking, due to the Wetness and mini-crits caused.
  • The BIlge Pump has an extremely short effective range. As such, be smart and set up ambushes and strong defensive positions.
  • The mini-crits are a boon to friendly Heavies and Soldiers. With your help they can wipe out any class in seconds.
  • You can put out teammates with the Bilge Pump.
  • The only way for you to collect ammo is to find an Ammo Pack. The relatively slow ammo drain should last you until you can find one, so long as you are careful with your firing.