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The Sniper on Mrmath130's forum admin and role-playing skills

Mrmath130, also known as Mr. Math or simply Math, is a one-time TF2 roleplay forum admin and a defunct writer on the website On Wikia he is known as Mrmath130. He is the creator of the Sailor class and the character Cap'n C Shanty, as well as the Bilge Pump and Boarding Pass weapons. His now-dead forum, the Brand Frickin' New TF2 RP Forum, was active for several months before a series of unfortunate incidents caused Mrmath130 to rage quit, leaving the forum to fall to pieces. Mrmath130 personally considers the Team Fortress 3 forum to be a kind of spiritual sucessor to his old forum, due the the number of members who migrated after the BFNTF2RPF crashed. It is unclear how the other members of the forum feel about this.