You know, there's this thing called 'dodging'. Ever hear of it?
Matthew on his racket's accuracy

Matthew Greenfield, also known as Matt, is the BLU Smasher, created by BonkUppercut.  


Born in rainy Seattle, Washington, Matthew ws born into a family that had more money than they knew what do do with. As a result, little Matthew grew up with everything. With his parents frequently away on business trips, Matthew's curiosity got the best of him and he wound up exploring the indoor tennis court. After discovering he had an unusual knack for the game, Matthew spent years honing his skills to become the best.


List of killsEdit


  1. Catherine McDougal - Pushed her into the path of a train
  2. Frederick Sanner - Beat him to death with the Powershot 

List of deathsEdit


  1. Suika Ibuki + Frederick Sanner - Weakened by Frederick's rockets and finished by Suika's grenades
  2. Frederick Sanner - Pulverized in a fistfight